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Reputation is paramount in selecting a good attorney. Talk to others who have contracted an attorney for cases similar to yours. If you are dealing with a real estate agent, always be sure to ask for a referral for an attorney who is independent of your agent. Discuss fees and how they felt about the service provided for the cost charged. Find out if there were delays or if the promised legal services were delivered in a timely manner. If you are very inexperienced for the type of transaction or challenge you are anticipating, ask the attorneys how they will assist you in navigating through the anticipated (and sometimes unanticipated) legal challenges your case may encounter. Look for experience and call the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or anybody else you trust to give you an honest assessment of the firm you are considering.

Specific Real Estate Law Practice Areas

Residential and Commercial Transactions

Get your real estate attorney onboard as early as possible in the process. If you are anticipating buying a home contingent upon sale of an existing home, get your attorney involved in the listing process for the home you are selling. This holds true for commercial transactions as well. Structuring listing contracts or other legal documents that will impact you later in the process are best handled by an experienced attorney. There are few attorneys in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area with the combination of reputation, experience and hometown service that Terry & Nudo offers.

Zoning and Land Use

We are familiar with the Zoning and Development ordinances in Kenosha and surrounding communities. These laws are often complex and require sophisticated knowledge of available options to help prospective landowners navigate effective through the maze of permits and regulations. John will explore, on your behalf, options for the ideal zoning for your project. He will also research potential variances available to land purchases in municipalities with restrictive zoning laws. If you have your sights on a specific property and it doesn’t appear to fit the zoning criteria, talk to John before giving up on it. There may be options available to you that are not readily apparent.

Environmental Issues

Environmental laws and regulations govern the environmental impact of projects and developments. Environmental law encompasses a wide variety of environmental impacting events such as land development, wetland destruction and mitigation, natural resource usage, wildlife destruction, toxic waste dumping, chemical spills and other forms of pollution. Environmental laws are written to offer protection to our lakes, streams, rivers and public land. Terry & Nudo offers frank assessments of whatever environmental challenges you might be facing. If there are legal remedies that can overcome initial concerns, our firm will make you aware of them.

Condominiums & Subdivisions

Terry & Nudo is Kenosha, Wisconsin’s go-to firm for legal advice on condominiums subdivisions. This includes both projects that are in the planning and development stage as well as those that are already built and in need of representation. Our partners understand the unique challenges faced by subdivision and/or condo associations and we appreciate the unique role of volunteer boards of directors. The governing documents of these associations often require complex legal interpretations. They may have been written years ago and many of the tenets may no longer apply. We offer advice and interpretations on:

  • Development or conversion of condo and subdivision projects
  • Association governing documents
  • Architectural and landscaping control
  • Compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations
  • Liens and other collection activities
  • Document creation and/or review and contract drafting/review for prospective buyers
  • Mediating or intervening in contractor vendor disputes
  • Drafting, interpreting, amending governing docs
  • Easement review and/or drafting
  • Nonprofit incorporation where applicable
  • Responding to federal fair housing complaints
  • General liability, maintenance and insurance concerns
  • Owner bankruptcies and foreclosures
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Subdividing and/or combining units
  • Overseeing transition to owner control
  • Commercial Development

We have a wealth of experience in assisting business owners with their legal needs. Our reputation for effective representation of Kenosha, Wisconsin businesses covers a broad spectrum of specific legal duties. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizational options available to potential developers/business owners and purchasers.
  • Job descriptions and role responsibilities for everyone in the corporate structure, from the CEO, to board members, to the head of the marketing department
  • Corporate structure as it relates to departmental breakdown and functional overlap
  • Advice on legal factors that may influence a business’s profitability. These include general overriding factors such as strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats.

Effective commercial law firms appreciate the issues and challenges your business might fact, whether they are industry-wide or unique to your situation. Effective commercial lawyers like those at Terry & Nudo add value to their clients by gaining a complete understanding of everything your business does and how you do it. Your commercial lawyer should be both a sound legal technician as well as a trusted business adviser.

Subsidized Development

If your business or development is anticipating gaining municipal, state or federal subsidies, it is vital that you retain trusted legal advisers with experience in and knowledge of the programs from which you are hoping to benefit. Even though most project subsidies are created through legislative and/or administrative processes, these laws often charge the agencies that administer them with the responsibility of drawing up the details of implementation. Your attorney – hopefully Terry & Nudo – will need to research the history of the law and the projects which have successfully incorporated it into their development. This will provide you with an outline on how to effectively apply and win subsidies for the project you are proposing.

Tax Objections

Tax objections can arise at any level of government, whether it be a dispute over property value for the purpose of determining real estate taxes or challenging the income or other taxes owed to the state or federal government. Objections can be based on interpretations of the law or dispute of the facts (including property value). At Terry & Nudo, we give you the best chance of succeeding in your objection. We will walk you through your case from beginning to end, suggesting methods of strengthening your argument and frankly conversing with you about how confident we are about the strength of your case. We are about winning and our reputation is solid because we are honest with our clients. People respect that. We know you don’t want to spin your wheels or spend money on cases where you have little or no chance of prevailing.

Condemnation/Eminent Domain

Condemnation and eminent domain cases are usually confrontational. Nothing is more disheartening than being told your property is going to be razed or you have to move because, in their infinite wisdom, some unit of government has decided to build a highway through your property. Legal representation in these matters is crucial. Home and business owners who are being forced to leave behind the home they lived in or the business they helped to create deserve to be treated fairly by those who are forcing them to move. Hiring Terry & Nudo to represent you in condemnation and eminent domain cases assures that municipal attorneys will not take advantage of you. Your chances or getting a better price for your property and a fairer settlement depends on the skills and experience of the attorney representing you. We have a strong reputation in these cases and will work hard on your behalf.