Municipal Lawyers

Representing Burlington, WI | Kenosha, WI | Racine, WI

Terry & Nudo represent clients from the Burlington, WI and Kenosha, WI areas in all forms of legal matters relating to municipal law. Laws specific to a specific city or county are covered by a wide array of federal, state and local laws and ordinances. These laws pertain not only to the municipality as a whole, but also govern the various boards and commissions that operate in the names of that municipality. Issues such as zoning, education policies, property taxes and police power are all governed by municipal law.

Specific Municipal Law Practice Areas


Changing the zoning on a property requires having all of your legal T’s crossed and I’s dotted. Your case must be logical and you have to understand and take into account municipal planning documents and the potential impact on neighboring properties. Terry & Nudo will anticipate for you zoning issues you will face. We understand the law and know if other zoning categories might allow you to have the same business under a seemingly conflicting land use. Plus, we are familiar with Kenosha’s ordinances (as well as those of surrounding communities) and we know if there are variances that can be won that would allow you to complete your project even if it is in conflict with the stated zoning parameters.

Permitting and Approvals

The attorneys at Terry & Nudo have made it our life’s mission to understand all of the permits and approval processes required of property owners. Nothing is more frustrating than proceeding with a project only to have it delayed by bad advice on permits or not meeting deadlines that, with good legal advice, might have been adhered to. Delayed occupancy permits cost you money and often result in property buyers vacating other properties and not having access to their new home or building. This is unacceptable. Delays caused by electrical, plumbing, or other code violations are avoided by knowing the law and anticipating issues. The lawyers at Terry & Nudo give sound advice that helps property owners avoid these issues.

Municipal Prosecution Services & Representation of Municipalities

Many municipalities, especially those without fully staffed city attorney offices, often contract out for municipal prosecution services. We are experienced in municipal law and are recognized for our outstanding record of successful representation on issues ranging from contract violation suits to municipal liability. Attorney Todd Terry also serves as a prosecuting attorney for the Village of Rochester, the Village of Waterford, the Town of Burlington, the Town of Wheatland and the Village of Twin Lakes.